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S.J. Surya and Meera doing an ‘Abhishek-Aishwarya’


s j suryaRumours were doing the round that actor –film maker S.J. Surya married actress Meera. The stars of ‘Thirumagan’ seem to be trying to imitate the Abhishek Bachchan Aishwarya Rai spectacle on whether or not the couple tied the knot. Meanwhile as the media continues to speculate on the nature of the relationship the star’s movies get screen time and capture the box office. Marriage rumours between co-stars seems to be a good publicity stunt for guaranteeing movie success.

Although the old rumours were ignored by Meera and vehemently denied by SJ Surya, new rumours have surfaced that the couple tied the knot at a cathedral in Bangalore. As fans and reporters speculate ‘did they or didn’t they’ Thirumagan has managed to grab the attention of the people and is anticipated.  


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