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Kavalar : Chennai police to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame


kavalarIn January the greater city police force of Chennai will complete 150 years. In honor of their service to the security of the ‘singara Chennai’ a movie ‘Kavalar’ is being made. The city police are being given their well-earned 15 minutes of fame with this project.



The cop is a popular source of inspiration in Kollywood, now the cops themselves will act in a film glorifying their chosen path. ‘Kavalar’ is a collection of seven 15-minute stories intertwined by the uniform and action. Illavarasan, the former assistant of the newly wed director, Selvaraghavan, is directing this one in a million movie, which has a million rupees budget (Rs. 10 lakh).

The film will feature most of the well-known faces of the Chennai police, including Lethika Saran. After the Hyundai cars to improve their capabilities and image, the cops are going straight to silver screen to create an unforgettable image. 


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