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'Rendu' overtakes 'Sivapathikaram' putting Maddy on top  


madhavanAnother weekend is over and reorganizes the fates of Kollywood veterans depending on their impact on the Box office. This time around there is a surprise. The Madhavan starrer ‘Irendu’ a.k.a ‘Rendu’ has topped the round up. The action-comedy has overtaken the much-anticipated 'Sivapathikaram'. Maddy madness continues to rule the box office even as the change in title from colloquialism to pure Tamil managed to garner tax benefits for the film.

Although the success was not of the proportion of ‘Thimuru’, 'Sivappathikaram' manages to add value to Vishal’s blooming Kollywood career. Other ‘stayers’ in this weeks top 5-kollywood performers are: 'Varalaaru', 'E', and 'Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu' which has completed a successful 100 days in the theatres.


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