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Actress Sangeeta on intolerance for negative female roles   


sangeethaThe talented Sangeetha who gave a powerful performance Uyir, was vocal about the intolerance to negative roles for actresses in the Tamil Film industry. Speaking at the launch of her next film Dhanam, the actress pointed out that while anti-heroes were appreciated actresses faced flak when playing negative roles.

The actress played a shaded role in the film Uyir and faced a lot of criticism, but has taken it in stride and continues to play innovative roles.

Sangeeta plays a call girl with groundbreaking ideas in the film Dhanam. The film is directed by first timer G Siva but is supported by the legendary Ilayaraja's compositions.

Sangeetha hopes that the industry and audience begin accepting shaded characters, which are interesting to enact. Such roles in her opinion are better received in Hollywood and Bollywood but will take time to gain acceptance in the hero dominated southern film industries.


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