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Aran Movie ready for release


aran movie ready for releaseMohanlal, jeeva, gopika, lakmi gopalswami, biju menon, bmc haniba, ramesh kanna, ganja karuppu, nawab, samyu thilagan, delhi ganesh, santhana bharathi, reema sen

Camera thiru, music Joshua Sridhar, jayashankar, art gokul dhas, fight Dishyum sakti , kyrics P vijay, N Muthukumar,, Sivanthi, Dance Kala, Kadhal Kandas, Prem, Dialoque Balakrishnan, PRO maunam ravi, stills saghil, co director sanan, co producer suresh chiudhary , producer rb choudary, story screenplay direction major ravi

Mohanlal Jeeva in aran

The story revolves around the patriotic warriors who are at the border. This is based on a real story a few years ago.
The movie is a mix of love and commercial mix that explains what is the state of Kashmir today.
An army man is merciless when it comes to the security of their country. He would kill many to do that. But even he has a delicate and soft heart. Mohanlal and jeeva display that softness.

The story is about a army jawan from tamiln nadu who joins the army who mingles well with his team members. His superior mohanlal is very close to him cause, jeeva is very right in understanding the calls of duty and acts accordingly. The duo surround the enemy. There mohanlal gives orders to jeeva thro his eye and not thro his voice, this scene is expected to create an impact to viewers.

The news of major ravi and team shooting in kupvara sector was released earlier in a urdu newspaper. This created a furrow in the area because major ravi is very popular in that area and is believed to have killed many enemy soldiers there and hence there could be problems to the shooting team was the cause of concern.

During the first day of shoot in sikilora there was severe bombing. Though major ravi understood that it was common, what surprised the director was the light hearted spirit of his stars mohanlal and jeeva recalls major ravi.

In the fight sequences real guns and weapons are used.

To handle the 40kg AK 47’s major ravi gave special training to mohanlal and jeeva.

There was almost a exchage of firing at the shooting point. After everyday’s shoot ends the militants on the other side of the border were firing. On the final day of shooting the bomb shell fell in the shooting spot and exploded and created confusion.

This is first movie in the history of film shooting to have taken 30 days of uninterrupted shooting in Kashmir but the last day of shooting was rescheduled to TN itself as on the final day the army intelligence gave clear information of a possible attack.

There is shot in the movie which was shot in thoda, 30 people are showed to be shot by militants. Ironically 4 days later the real thing happened, militants shot 30 people from the village.

In the movie actresses gopika lives for only 3 days with jeeva. The life that an army man’s wife go thro is depicted very well.

Even though it is an army movie, its got a song by reema sen and comedy as well ganja karuppu and ramesh kanna.

Major ravi has got 24 years of military experience, he started his carrer as the asst director for santosh sivan. After that he has worked for raj kumar santhoshi and maniratna.

Expected by end of july.


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