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Kushboo the queen of controversies, welcomes another!!


Click to Enlarge KushbooIf you thought Kushboo had just got a respite from controversies, you are way off the mark. The vivacious actress who, not so long ago, was the beacon of resilience and perseverance against worst odds, had found the going tough after her comments about premarital sex. She was vilified as the image of cultural degradation. The issue became fizzled out after parties supporting and opposing it lost interest in it. For some time, it seemed that things had come to normal and she was basking in the success of her husband, Sundar C’s debut in Thalainagaram.

Now she is busy acting in Stalin. Well, well before you jump into conclusions about whether she is playing duets with Chiranjeevi, let us assure you that she is playing his elder sister. Oh, well, Kushboo? As sister? If you wondered whether the actress has climbed down the star ladder by agreeing to play sister roles, she quickly retorts,”see, I don’t consider sister roles as a depromotion. I would not play mother. I have acted opposite Venkatesh and Nagarjuna and cannot obviously be their mother or sister.

But, with Chiru, I have never worked before and this was a good chance. I have always worked on challenging roles. After marriage, I cut down on dancing round the trees kind of roles and worked on mature themes in Nattamai, Simmarasi, Power of women and June R.”

What is more interesting is yet to follow. She continued, ”Today’s actresses have a good time on the shoots but do very little or no acting at all. To them, the outdoor shoots are nothing but a picnic to exotic locales. In our time, we did our songs at Ooty or Kodai, but today they fly to foreign countries and carry along a huge entourage. They enjoy themselves and do shopping. All at the producer’s cost. It is time the actresses became a little more professional.”

She said,”There is really no one after Soundarya who can be called a good actress. I would never act opposite my husband, Sundar C”

There is already a buzz about her remarks and people have started training their guns. A local eveninger carried her comments and let us see what it kicks up this time.

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