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Pudupettai a definite Hit movie


Dhanush and SnehaAfter a series of discussions and deliberations, the result has finally emerged. If you were confused about the mixed media reports on the status of the film Pudupettai, wonder no more. The Selva-Dhanush-Yuvan combo has worked again? Reports have been released that state the film is a definite success.

And Selvaraghavan has proved yet again that his brand, his name, sure does sell.
After the high success his earlier films received, Pudupettai sure did come with a lot of expectations. Due to the excessive violence and gore on screen, industry experts wondered if the film would go well with the audience, especially the women, who loved his earlier films.

In fact, right after the release of the film, Selvaraghavan, who was understandably worried about the outcome of the film thanks to all the speculation, actually stated that he would go the Himalayas if the film failed. But Selva looks like you can stay where you are, happy with yet another successful film.


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