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Madhavan at the Singapore Shopping Festival


Madhavan Pictures 01Any new place, a new city, brings out a particular facet of a person to the surface. In Maddy’s case, it was the gizmos that flooded the market! On his recent trip to Singapore, Madhavan, alternately known as a gadget enthusiast, found his calling at the Great Singapore Sale 2006.

For the uninitiated, this actor owns quite the collection already! Be it his high-class aeroplanes and helicopters, or simply his laptop. "Not to forget this exciting remote control I have that can adapt to any appliance,” he said in a recent interview. If he was amazed at the large collection of electronic goods on display, he was also quite overwhelmed by the friendliness exuded by the people of Singapore. “They greeted me in Tamil and Hindi too!”

Shopping in Singapore a few days after his 36th birthday is quite a treat for this actor, though he added on a lighter vein that his wish to buy a Titanium helicopter for his son Vedant was thwarted as his wife realized that more than Vedant, it would be Maddy who would play with the toy!

But the sale, that is on till July 23, is not just about gadgets and electronic goods. There was food, adventure and refreshing massages too. Definitely a stress buster, as Maddy affirms!


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