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Finally Imsai Arasan finds the way!!


VadiveluReaders may recall that Imsai Arasan’s release got delayed due to a small hitch.

Apparently, the Censors wanted a no objection certificate from the Animal Welfare Board of India that the animals – a few horses and elephants have been used in this historical – in the movie have all been treated in a humane manner. But how can an agency give such a certificate after the shooting is over?

Due to this, the movie that was slated for release on May 19th could not hit the theatres and now it is said that the movie has got the required clearances and will be released on June 9th finally.
According to insiders, as Shankar was very involved with the ‘Sivaji’ project, he could not pay attention, due to lack of time, towards solving the legal wrangles facing his pet venture ‘Imsai Arasan’.

Rajini, apparently was so impressed and enthused with the work ethic and commitment of Shankar, that he finally pulled a few strings, as a good gesture to his director, to get the clearance for the latter’s laugh riot.

So it is final and on June 9th, we will know whether the ‘imsai’ is worth waiting for!


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