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Sada’s portfolio drive to act with Vijay


Click to Enlarge Sadha Pictures That Vijay’s next project is going to be the remake of ‘Pokkiri’ is fairly well known by now in the film circles.

But what is not well known is the competition among leading ladies of Kollywood to pair with Vijay in this potential hit movie. The film may have two heroines and this is what has spurred on the race.

Ileana, Asin, and Trisha are the names doing the rounds and suddenly, to the surprise of many, Sada, has thrown her hat in the ring. It seems, Sada, with a completely revamped portfolio, has approached Vijay for work in ‘Pokkiri’. The portfolio also has a covering letter attached to it which says that she has kept her dates free so that early shoot can begin.
Asin’s name, one hears, has been finalized but who is the other leading lady? Is it going to be Ileana – the new sensation of Tollywood, or is it going to be Sada?

Only Vijay knows the answer!



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