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Kushboo stands with Aamir Khan!!


Click to Enlarge KushbooKushboo has the capacity to come up with her foot in the mouth. In an apparent attempt to support her colleague, Aamir Khan, who is under fire from the Gujarat government, for his reported comments on the Sardar Sarover Dam and the government’s haphazard rehabilitation measures, she surely overdid her act. Stating that Aamir was being targeted just because he was a celebrity and that bashing him made for good publicity she questioned why the thousands of Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) activists were not being hauled up.

Madam, it is alright to join cause with one of your own fraternity. But, please do not belittle the sacrifices and the immense work that the NBA volunteers have been doing against insurmountable odds. It is proof of their conviction and integrity that the world’s attention has been turned on this controversial dam project. Without the NBA, would Aamir even know that such a dam was being built and that the tribals were facing basic survival issues? Granted in a democracy, everyone has a right to voice his opinion, but please make it an informed one and do not pass flippant comments.

Ban or no ban, Aamir’s latest film Fanaa, has been growing in popularity in Gujarat. We do not approve of stifling creative freedom in the name of bureaucratic authority or for furthering a hidden agenda, but the other side should also act responsibly.



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