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Pudupettai – According to trade circles!!

DhanushIf a movie is in the long time making, increasing the budget and raising the expectations of all concerned, then it is bound to bomb at the box office.

This has been the lesson ‘Pudupettai’ has taught its makers. It overshot the budget being in production for more than a year, kept the fans in delicious anticipation, and left them disappointed more than ever with the final product. The movie, despite a hectic opening, is now fast becoming an embarrassment for the director and a disaster for the producers.

The film is technically brilliant, the background score is terrific and the acting from all artistes is overall good. But where have the things gone wrong?

One major reason for why ‘Pudupettai’ has not been received well could be attributed to its timing. The film has arrived right in the midst of a overheated ‘rowdy’ season. So many movies, from ‘Aaru’, ‘Pattiyal’, ‘Chitram Pesuthadi’, ‘Thiruttu Payale’, etc have all the same theme of putting the anti-social types on the spotlight. The viewers can’t be blamed if they are clearly fatigued by the glut of such movies.

Dhanush & SnehaAdded to this is the violence that is depicted in the movie which surely has not helped its cause.

From the first few days’ attendance at the theatres, it looked like most of Dhanush’s fans belong to under-20 youth wing of Rajini Fan Club and the movie, despite its directorial effort, is not likely to pull in family audience.

“When so much violence, blood and gore are there, how can you expect a family audience for the film?” asks one distributor. “From ‘Chandramukhi’s phenomenal performance, it should be clear to anyone that only family audience movies become great hits.

How can you just bank on a section of audience for a big project like this?” This has been the view echoed by many distributors.

Another reason for ‘Pudupettai’ not going down well with the fans is its treatment. The film makers, these days, glorify the anti-hero through out the movie, but at least, have enough sense to kill him off in the climax, just to satisfy the sensibilities of the viewers. In ‘Pudupettai’ – where the protagonist becomes more and more despicable as the film progresses - even this concession is not given!

Sonia AgarwalIt is said that Selva, right from the beginning, has wanted this movie to be his magnum opus and hence has not compromised with either the length of the movie or the budget.

This has led to the fans complaining that the second half has been made without any songs and this makes the movie much longer than it actually is.

Most of Selva’s earlier movies have become successes solely because they reflected the aspirations of the front-benchers but this movie seem to be even beyond their wildest dreams. Seeing ‘7 G Rainbow Colony’ you get hope that you can get a girl even if you continue to stalk her, but seeing a wiry ‘Kokki’ Kumar, slashing everyone’s throats on his way to becoming a dreaded gangster, is stretching credulity a bit further even for a die-hard Dhanush fan.

The industry watchers feel considering the high productions costs of the movie, even if it was a hit, the film would have barely recovered the costs for the producers. But, the movie not picking up now, would only mean terrible losses for everyone associated with the project, feel the trade circles.

Selva, for long considered to be the director of B-grade flicks by the critics, has proved to them that he is a serious director who knows his craft and this only augurs well for the Tamil film industry and one can expect better offerings from him to come in future. But for now, one can only feel sad that his present fare has fallen flat at the altar of the mighty box office.


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