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“Paying money and running movie” – Thangar lashes out at heroes!!


Thangar Bachhan is not only a skilled technician, he is also the most outspoken of the film folk. He comes across as the man with the seething anger about the hypocrisy and double standards in the industry. He badmouthed heroines some time ago and was forced to apologize. Then came the famous spat with his heroine, Navya Nair. Nevertheless, his calibre as a good craftsman has never been in doubt.

The latest accusation that he has to make is the dubious practice of making a film run by paying sums to the theatre owners. He said that he had seen a small budget film made by a talented director screened at a theatre with about 150 people watching the show. He had enquired the producer who said that although the initial collection was poor, he had managed to break even. But, what Thangar has to say next is more shocking. He says one of the films of a popular hero had only 19 viewers at a show in Kamala theatre. Yet, the theatre owner did not mind running the film. You could guess who paid him.

He lamented that those who had the money were not strong in technique and those who were good at the craft did not get the right break. Such a thing has to change if Tamil cinema has to raise from the current morass.

As usual, there will be a section to support and another to rise against him. Watch out how the accusation snowballs.


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