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Kushboo and Maxim to settle out of court?

Click to Enlarge KushbooGuess who is happier than Sundar C about the decent run of his maiden attempt before the camera? No prizes for coming up with the right answer that it is none other than his wife, Kushboo. Because of the positive response to Thalainagaram, the bubbly heroine is said to be looking out for suitable scripts to be produced by her own production house. Although her last venture, Giri did moderately well, it was not a smashing hit. Now that Sundar C has become a bankable hero, the lady wishes to reap the harvest as long as the going is good.

She listened to a script from Suraj, the director of Thalainagaram, but was not quite convinced. Hence, she has asked for a new story. Meanwhile, however, it would be interesting to note how much Sundar himself is interested in acting as he has time and again stated that his heart was after direction. He has indicated that he would take up any acting only after directing Madhavan in his next film.

The legal battle between
Kushboo and the Maxim magazine is also set for an out of court settlement as the magazine has approached her with a compromise proposal. Hope the bitterness of the past few months would be a forgotten thing for this dimpled lady.


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