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Crisis? Catch a flight today. That’s Kushboo’s way!!


Click to Enlarge ArjunWhat, do you think, will a producer do if he/she is half way through a film and finds it a struggle mid-way? Simple, catch a flight to any place abroad and find your resources there. That, today, seems to be the sure way to success in the industry today.

Take for instance, Kushboo. While she was donning the role of producer for the Arjun starrer, Giri, with her husband, Sundar C, as director, she experienced a similar situation.
Suddenly, she took off on a tour abroad to meet various NRIs, and soon enough, roped them in as partners. Funds poured in and the film was eventually released.

Again, a similar situation in the case of the film Don Sera. This Ranjith starrer also suffered thanks to insufficient funds and it was his wife Priya Raman who came to his rescue. Following Kushboo’s footsteps, Priya also met with various NRIs abroad, explaining the scope of the film and managed o bring in extra funds for the film, roping them all in as partners. Now, the film has been released, successfully clearing all the hurdles.


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