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Trisha’s whopping deal for Something Something reshoot



Click to enlarge picture Trisha in her bright smileSomething Something with Jayam Ravi and Trisha is almost complete. When director Raja, elder brother of Ravi saw the rushes, he was not satisfied with a few scenes and wanted to reshoot them. He is very meticulous this time as this film would decide the fate of his sibling’s career. So, he wanted another schedule. Jayam Ravi’s dates are not a problem. The other heroine, Tejasree, also okayed. The only problem was with Trisha. She just could not come up with sufficient dates as she is already busy with Stalin and Bheema after finishing her portions in Something Something.

In order to make the lithe lass agree, the producer has come up with an irresistible deal. Trisha would be paid one lakh a day for each extra day of reshoot. The girl has said yes and the schedule is on. Hope Raja would get what he wants at least now. Take care man, Trisha does not come cheap!

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