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SJ Suryah - Simbu: How best friends turned best rivals?


Click to Enlarge SilambarasanThey say friendships in film world are fickle affairs. There is never a lasting friendship. Take the much in the news pals – S.J. Suryah and Simbu. There was a time when S.J. Suryah was around for every discussion in Simbu’s film and the reverse was also true. In fact, S.J. Suryah’s Puli with Vijay was dropped because of this reason.

But, of late, this pally pally affair has become a Teflon thing. It has been months since the two even met.
The few instances they face each other in public, it is just a hai and bye. Whatever happened between the two?

The only one word answer is Nayantara. The girl is said to be quite taken up with Simbu and both often go out together. She has given clear instructions that he should stay off S.J. Suryah if he wanted to be with her. How could she say anything otherwise? Remember the Bangkok affair? So, the friendship has been sacrificed at the altar of romance.

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