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Despite a hit, Sundar C is unwilling to act!!

Sundar C is certainly a happy man these days. What with this film, Thalainagaram, creating a niche for itself in the list of successful films, Sundar C has truly arrived!

Sources reveal that Sundar C has done a good job for a debut film as an actor (his earlier avatars include direction), which is probably one of the reasons for the high success rate, not to forget Vadivelu’s comedy track.
Sundar says, “I was quite excited to take up the challenge of acting in a film, and now, with the film being a declared a hit, the experiment has paid off and am happy for its success.” Though he is quick to add, “Perhaps not as happy as the sweet taste of victory that comes with working as a director.”

For most actors, it is the directorial debut that remains a distant dream. Save for directors-turned-actors like S J Suryah, Cheran, etc, a new trend is emerging.

But Sundar, however, is quick to clarify that his passion remains direction. “There are quite a few offers that are coming my way for acting, and I do spend sometime listening to the various scripts. But, I have not yet committed myself to another project. My choice will always remain direction though,” he says.

While the industry talk might speculate his next venture as an actor, this director is already in the process of directing his next film. “My next film is with Madhavan.”

If he were given an ultimatum to either act or direct, Sundar is quite clear that he would choose direction anyway. And for the question on whether we will someday see him share screen space with his wife, Kushboo, we only get an enigmatic smile in return. That, is perhaps, left to our own imagination!

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