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Mumtaz in the clutches of love?

Click to Enlarge Mumtaz Pictures GalleryApart from her phalanx of bodyguards, Mumtaz has recently been spotted with a slim guy accompanying her wherever she goes. This mystery man speaks in Hindi, and at the same time, understands Tamil as well. Even at shooting spots, every time Mumtaz speaks to the press, his consent is always needed.

There have been instances when he gets angry with Mumtaz, reprimands her loudly even, though Mumtaz has never been seen to retaliate.

She infact, looks quite petrified in his presence. One thing sure is clear. Mumtaz is firmly in the clutches of this man, or shall we say, perhaps in the clutches of love. With her film Jery ready to hit cinema screens, Mumtaz is probably getting ready for something else altogether.

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