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Reema Sen’s warning of legal action on Simbu

Click to enlarge picture Reema Sen in a movie songThe Simbu Reema Sen spat in Vallavan is taking an ugly turn. Nayantara, Reema Sen and Sandhya are the heroines in Vallavan which has Simbu making the debut as director. Reema Sen was the sizzler who was promised two full songs and one half song. There have been continuous rifts between Simbu and Reema Sen during the filming. When only 15 more days shooting is left, Reema came down from Mumbai for the shoot. She was told that only the half song would be shot and included in the film.

Angered by this development, she walked out of the sets. Simbu retorted by saying that Reema Sen could be thrown out of the film and another actress could be brought in. While producer PL. THenappan did not know what to do with the cost, Simbu also agreed to bear the additional cost by reducing his fees. Simbu apparently approached Trisha and Asin and both the ladies turned down. News reached Reema Sen about this and she flew off to Kolkata.

Reema Sen & Simbu
As a parting shot, she has threatened legal action if any part of the film in which she is featured is chopped off and a new actress is put in.

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