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Why there is drought of female comedians in Kollywood?

How many comedians are there in the Tamil industry today? Well, there are a lot of them. Vadivelu, Vivek, Karunas, Ganja Karuppu, Charlie, Dhamu, Madan Bop, Chinni Jayanth, Vaiyapuri, Mutthukaalai and all.

How many comediennes are there? Well, we have Aachi Manorama who has now stopped doing comedy and Kovai Sarala who is getting out of sync with the younger generation.
The question is why there is a dearth of comediennes.

The actresses who are interested in doing comedy do not want to be branded as comedienne. They believe that the market for female comedy actresses is not much. They are in the field for making money and only the roles of heroines or glamour alone can fetch money.

After Mumtaj paired with Vivek as Omna in a comedy role in Budget Padmanabhan, offers stopped coming her way even for item numbers. Maybe this is the reason why Mumtaj said no when there was an offer for similar role.

Kovai Sarala

When they were looking for a pair for Vadivelu in Imsai Arasan Irubatthi Moonraam Pulikesi, none of the heroines or second heroines came forward to accept the role. Finally, they had to tempt Teja Sree and Nandita with huge cheques into the role.

Similar was the case with Vivek’s Solli Adippaen. It was not such an easy task getting an actress to pair with comedians.
The girls are ready to pair with heroes, no matter what their market is but they are unwilling to sign up as comediennes. Sham was a new face when Simran and Jyothika signed up opposite him in 12B. Srikanth was a new face when Bhoomika paired up with him in Rojakoottam.

It is sad that comedy track and comedians take a back seat when it comes when it comes to analyzing the market factors of a movie.

Vivek ChayaSingh
Vadivelu Nasaar

We hope the trend changes and we find good days for comedy actors. Somewhere down the line, the industry and the moviegoers still exhibit a sexist attitude.

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