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Jyothika, Sonia Agarawal and a few similarities

Click to enlarge picture Sonia Agarwal in a Pink DressThere are quite a few similarities between Jo and Sonia Agarwal. We are not referring to the seemingly endless on again off again affair each lady has with her beau. When Jo came to movies, her most important claim to popularity was her puppy fat. As she climbed up the ranking stakes, she decided to get more professional with her look and shed weight. When Sonia came to films, she was skinny, but soon found out that a healthy waistline, is a passport to glamorous roles.

Picking up the cue from Namitha and others, she cared for her waist and appeared in quite a proportion in her recent film, Thiruttuppayale. The success of the film has brought many a producer and director with similar roles for her. But, just as Jo is presently declining further assignments, Sonia has been having trouble saying no. However, those knocking on her door have not lost hope and believe that she would definitely relent if not for anything else at least under pressure from the family.

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