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Puthupettai censored, release on May 26!

DhanushSelvaraghavan much awaited magnum opus Pudupettai has been cleared by the Regional Censor board with a ‘UA’ certificate. For three days Selva tried to convince the censors to give him a clean ‘U’ but they did not relent as they feel that “there are some bad language which could influence the teenagers”,
There were no visual cuts but some dialogues with bad language have been edited out. Those who saw the film are simply raving about it and say that it is the most realistic gangster movie ever made in Tamil. The gangsters of Chennai, their modus operandi and how a small time goonda transforms himself into a top politician have all been captured realistically.

Added to that, the politician-criminal nexus has been brilliantly portrayed by the director. The trade feels that Pudupettai has the potential to take a superb opening as it releases worldwide on May 26. According to V. Swaminathan, of LMM: “It is now confirmed that Pudupettai and its Telugu dubbed version Dhoolpet will release simultaneously on May 26". The producer brims with confidence and says that the film is sure going to be a super hit.

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