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Sada: Slow but steady!!

Click to Enlarge Sadha PicturesHer career graph is that of steady climb. No overnight stardom or swooning fans; no fussy mothers or boyfriends. Her work has been acknowledged and she is in the reckoning of most directors for a variety of roles.

This bubbly engineering student who took up acting lessons as a hobby landed in modeling before being spotted by the producers of Jayam. About her debut in Jayam she says, ”I accepted the role because I would be playing my age but in a totally different setting. While I am a modern, urban girl, I found it challenging to be playing a simple village belle”. She is happy that the film became a superhit and launched her career. But, she did not have many films released after Jayam.

She explains,” see, I was getting several offers but all of them did not have a convincing script. I decided to wait, because to me quality is more important than quantity”. Then came the film, Anniyan. About the role of the conservative Brahmin girl, this is what Sada has to say. “Vikram and I had a blast working on Anniyan. Shankar and he helped me immensely in bringing out the nuances of the character and this made the role tick with the masses“.

Around the same time, she also did an ultra-modern girl in Priyasaki. The film had a mature theme but somehow the audience was not ready for it. She did not lose heart after the flopped news that she would be the heroine in Sivaji, the chance ultimately going to Shreya.

Click to Enlarge Sadha PicturesShe is unfazed by the bevy of beauties competing for the cake. She strongly believes that there is space for everyone. “If you do a good job, you would definitely be liked by the audience. I am a strong believer of destiny and if my stars do not favor acting, I can always go back to studies, “she says with an air of relaxed confidence.

Her latest release Tirupathi did not create much ripples at the box office but she is not concerned.

She is quite popular in Kannada where she has had a couple of releases like Mona Lisa which became a hit. She is awaiting another Kannada film to hit the screen this month. She is reading scripts in Telugu, where she has become quite popular after Aparichithudu, the Telugu version of Anniyan ran to packed houses.

Despite a busy work schedule, she leads a normal middle class life thanks to her non-filmy family background.

She works out regularly which explains her lithe figure. She is a great foodie and likes to hang out at her favorite joints with her friends.

That’s Sada for you – the changing face heroine in Tamil cinema. Confident and winning on her own terms. Good luck, girl!

If stars don’t favour, ready to go back to studies.


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