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Asin to team up with Cheran

Missamma, the Telugu superhit film gave Bhoomika a foothold in the industry. Now, the film will be made in Tamil as well. Cheran will play the lead and guess who is paired with him? None other than the current heartthrob Asin. If you thought the pair would not have the right chemistry on screen, you are wrong. Asin plays a deglamorized role of a married woman, Cheran’s wife. Neelakanta, the director of the original will wield the megaphone this time round as well.

Click to Enlarge Bhoomika Pictures Asin is quite candid about why she chose this role. She says, “I would like to play a variety of roles and this one attracted me because it’s quite heavy. I have requested the director to make a little changes in the Tamil version to suit me.”




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