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Shreya in Thiruvilaiyadal – an inside story

Shriya Picture Shriya in a Yellow ChudidharShreya, we all know is the heroine of Sivaji. Shankar had ensured bulk dates from the lady and laid down the condition that she should not act in any other film till Sivaji was completed. But they encountered a small twist. Shreya had already committed for Thiruvilaiyadal opposite Dhanush. Now, we know that director Bhoopathy Pandian is a relaxed man as he has finished canning most of the scenes with the lead pair. How did this come about? Well, Shankar had relaxed his condition to enable Shreya to act with the superstar’s son-in-law.

Click to Enlarge Dhanush PicturesThiruvilaiyadal is a love story. The protagonists come from different strata of the society. How true love wins over everything is the crux of the story. When asked about how Shreya came in, the director said “Shreya had been booked already for this movie. But due to Pudupettai’s delay we couldn’t continue the shoot with Dhanush. At around the same time Sivaji was launched. So, actually we are the first to book Shreya,”.

OK. Shreya does seem to be taking the trend of young heroines working with both older and younger heroes. Nayantara, Namitha and so on. But, what is more a matter of pride is that our superstar still retains the fire to match step for step with the woman who is paired with his marumagan.


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