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Poll victory - Captain captures the attention!!

It was a stunning victory for Actor Vijaykanth in Vriddhachalam in the recent elections to the Tamil Nadu assembly. Remember we had written yesterday that Vijaykanth might win with a slender margin? Fighting an election in the stronghold of Vanniar belt, a caste group that is strongly affiliated to the Paattali Makkal Katchi, is a mighty task and Vijaykanth did it bravely, pushing the PMK to the second place and the ruling AIDMK to the third place.

Guess what? Vijaykanth defeated his nearest rival by a whopping 13 thousand votes. Analysts say that Vijaykanth’s entry into politics had undone the ruling party. And if the DMK had not got a sizeable majority, it was once again because of Vijaykanth. He had amassed more than 10% of the votes polled and that should put out feelers to everyone that here is someone to watch out carefully. His party, though has not won any seats in other constituencies, has performed extremely well in wooing votes.


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