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Arvindsamy’s divorce: a traumatic experience for kids

Arvind Samy and his wife Gayathri, had filed for divorce at a family court recently and it seems the attempts of the judge at the family to unite the estranged couple went in vain. Their kids are now with Arvind Samy and hence, the mother Gayathri has filed a petition to see the kids daily.

When the case came up for hearing yesterday, the judge Jayapal issued an interim order, asking them to follow it strictly.

According to the order, Gayathri can take the kids to her home after their school hours every day and they can stay with her till 7.30 p.m. And on every Friday nights, they can stay with her till next day evening up 5.30 p.m. The kids can also stay with their mother during school holidays till 4.30 evening. She has to hand over the kids to Arvind Samy exactly as per time schedule.

Advocate Jawad is appearing for Arvind Samy and Senior lawyer Ramani Natarajan is appearing for Gayathri. It is a terrible fate to fall on any one and for the kids, this can really be a traumatic experience. Our sympathies are with them.

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