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Trisha unwillingly accepts Dasavatharam?

Click to enlarge picture Trisha in a Casual ChatOne advantage of playing ten characters in a movie is that one gets an opportunity to act with many beautiful females. And if the actor happens to be Kamal, nothing but the best would do. So, it was with this idea that the top heroines of the industry were offered the honour of being one of the several heroines in a Kamal-movie and one among many such approached was Trisha.

Instead of jumping in joy for having got the chance of her life, the actress, now busy in Tollywood, seems to have shown little interest in being the partner of one of the ten Kamals. The uniit, keen to have her in the film, sent a message that ten days would do but she still wasn’t keen.

Click to enlargeCold she might have been towards the project but she certainly did not want to send wrong signals to Kamal camp, by refusing to act with him, citing lack of dates as the reason. But the industry insiders say that the real reason for Trisha’s disinterest in ‘Dasavatharam’ has nothing to do with dates and has everything to with a co-star: Asin.

Click to enlarge picture Trisha with all her ornamentsFor all outward appearances the two may profess friendship, but it is said that there is a subtle cold war between them ever since the ‘brand Asin’ stared hotting up and Trisha certainly did not want to be in a project where Asin might probably steal the thunder under her nose, remembering what happened to Nayantara in ‘Ghajini’.

Trisha still feels cold towards the whole thing but she is also equally afraid that she would offend the big star himself if she says no. So, according to insiders, she ‘yes’ to the offer. It is not a hearty ‘yes’ but a reluctant ‘okay’ from Trisha.

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