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Kiran, deeply disappointed by Saran!!

Click to enlarge kiran's picture Kiran in one of the song sequencesIf you have forgotten this Kiran, let us remind you that we are talking about the girl who paired with Vikram in Gemini. She came with a bang, and flopped after a couple of movies, and reduced herself to doing item-numbers. She tried her luck in Bollywood but nothing happened there. She is back now in Kodambakkam, doing a role in Kasturi Raja’s Idhu Kaadhal Varum Paruvam. She hopes that the movie would bring her back to Kodambakkam in a big way.

Hearing that some other directors were making movies, she put out feelers that she has come back and was willing to work. None, however, has responded. Not even Saran, who is going to produce five films for his Gemini Productions out of which two will be mega budget ventures. When Kiran approached him directly, he is reported to have told her that he would give her item numbers if she wanted. That has put the girl off. You see her sulking today. Well, that is what the show biz is, Kiran!

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