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Asin : "One copy for me please"

The new generation of actresses are a savvy lot. They are smart, confident and articulate too. The entrepreneur-turned–model-turned-actress Asin, the girl from Kerala who captured many a heart in Tamil Nadu with her chirpy portrayal in ‘Ghajini’ is no different.

Asin is one big book lover and she continues to maintain her reading habit despite her engagements in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra, and even now, she says, her spare time is devoted to reading a lot of books. “I spend quite a tidy sum of money on books,” says Asin.

“I read a lot of fiction and I keep all the books safe with me. In fact, I have a big library at home.” Which probably explains her level headedness in dealing with her popularity and the poise with which she handles her affairs.

Asin is also said to be a regular visitor to the bookstall at the Chennai airport and she is so keen to update herself with the latest on the book scene that she has even passed instruction to the bookstall guys to reserve her a copy of any new title that may come to the shop. If any producer wants any new ideas for his movie, may be he should now try to approach Asin!

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