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An offer to Trisha’s mother to act

Click to enlarge picture Trisha in her bright smileWithout mama Uma Krishnan, Trisha is just Trisha. Mama, on the other hand, is not only proud of Trisha but herself too. She too is an eye catcher of sorts. Yes, eyes of producers and directors. Would you believe that she was invited to act in a Telugu film? However, Trisha is against her mother entering the field. Earlier, Kaniha’s mother had acted in Five Star, real mother playing mother to real daughter on screen. If such a role comes Uma Krishnan’s way, maybe, Trisha would yield.

Nowadays, you find Trisha’s mother attending cinema functions in chudidhars and salwars. She wants to look young and she does look youngish, of course. Well, let’s wait and see how long she would resist the acting bug.

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