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AIBI disaster – Cheran sour with Vijay Milton?

Mallika Kapoor & BharathYet another round of tussle over the fate of a film, which did not click. We are talking about the recent film, Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkirathu. Apart from the hype due to the high profile producer Cheran and director-cinematographer, Vijay Milton, the film did nothing to enthuse box office collections basically because of the flawed screenplay and impossible twists. There is now buzz that Cheran who has suffered nearly one crore rupees as loss has been going about town stating that Vijay did not listen to his advice at several stages in the making of the film.

still12All said and done, the distributors are demanding compensation from the producer. Meanwhile, the hero Bharath who has been going through a lean patch expected his fortunes to pick up after AIBI, but that will have to wait. He has a couple of films like Emdon magan and Koodal Nagar and so feels safer.



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