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‘Anniyan’ all ready to hit Bollywood screens!

Click to Enlarge Vikram PicturesWhile Anniyan made big news both for its production values as well for its successful run at the box office, get set to watch the Hindi version by the end of May. In Tamil, it grossed Rs. 60 crores.

Each of the five songs, were shot at a cost of Rs. 1 crore apiece. Sizzling Yana Gupta did an item number and for another song the entire Kualalumpur airport was booked. Mirrors alone to the tune of 45 lakhs have been used.

For the first time, 240 cameras which could cover at 360 degrees have been used. This has not been tried even in Hollywood. For some action scenes, which appear only for barely 3 minutes, the sequence have been shot for 27 days.

Click to Enlarge Vikram PicturesWhile Shankar’s earlier Hindi films like Hum se hai Muqable and Hindustani did well, we must be cautious this time. While technical finesse is appreciated, the story and treatment is region-specific. We only hope the entertainment elements jell well with the North Indian audiences. This film should also help Vikram test the waters with Bollywood audience. Good luck guys, keep the flag flying high!




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