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12 hoardings, Milk Abishekam, 1000 wala crackers, Anna Dhanam – all for Trisha!!

Click to enlarge picture Trisha in her bright smileThe film industry thrives on hype and glamour. The fan following for the actors and actresses is like a dose of vitamin to them. No wonder, south Indian fans are known for the hero worship of their stars. They could go to the extent of performing pujas, abhishekams and arathis. The colourful festoons which decorate the streets and theatres at the time of a release or during special occasions like birthdays is a proof of this affection. More male stars have been blessed and only a few actresses have had this kind of fan following. It was with Nadia and then Kushboo. Other heroines after them have not been able to garner so much adulation.

Click to enlarge picture Trisha Movie ShotNow comes the news that Trisha would probably fill up the vacuum if indications of the birthday celebrations and hoardings put up for her birthday on May 4 are any indication. There were 12 hoardings across Chennai wishing the bubbly actress a happy birthday and a special paal abishekam was held at the Kamala theatre in Vadapalani. Asked about the ban on hoardings for birthday greetings and why these festivities were held, Ms. Jesi, the organizer of the Trisha fan club said that she had for long been a big fan and somehow could not do anything to express her affection as she lived in Dubai.

Now, back in Chennai she found a couple of like-minded friends and started this event. There would also be poor feeding and blood donation on the day. Most vernacular newspapers in Hyderabad also carried huge ads for her birthday. Way to go, lady!

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