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Woh Lamhe - For everyone who had loved and lost

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Cast : Shiney Ahuja, Kangna Ranaut
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt
Co-Producer : Vishesh Bhatt
Director : Mohit Suri
Music Director : Pritam
Lyricist : Neelesh Misra
Cinematographer : Bobby Singh
Story Writer : Mahesh Bhatt
Screenplay Writer : Pearl Sahi
Release Date : 29 September 2006


Woh Lamhe is being eagerly awaited by one and all as the movie is based on Parveen Babi’s life and her romance with Mahesh Bhatt. Pritam has rendered some soothing music to the ears in the movie. Director, Mohit Suri’s earlier movies, Kalyug and Zeher also had great music for the ears.

The movie begins with the famous actress Sana Azim played by Kangana Ranaut attempting suicide by slashing her wrist. The news reaches director Aditya Garewal played by Shiny Ahuja. Aditya is completely distressed as he has been looking for Sana for a long time. Aditya is in love with Sana. Sana disappears from Aditya’s life suddenly three years before the suicide attempt.

While Sana is hospitalized, Adita remembers the good times that the both had shared. Sana had supported Aditya through his struggle days as a director until she disappeared mysteriously from his life. Aditya had decided to run away with Sana to save her from Bollywood and its ways. In this process he was ready to put his career on complete hold. This was until a villain appears in their blossoming love and she mysteriously disappears.

The questions that haunts Aditya is why Sana left him and now is currently in the hospital for attempting suicide?

We will have to wait and watch if Mohit Suri does justice to the life of somebody as enigmatic and gorgeous as Parveen Babi.

Movie is slated to release on 29th Sep, 2006.


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