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Cast : Mohnish Behl, Ayesha Jhulka, Bhagyashree, Aman Verma, Anjana Mumtaz
Director : Chander Behl
Music : Nirmal Pawaar




Janani has been in the making for quite sometime now. Its finally ready for release.

Janani is all about love and sacrifice. Urmila (played by Ayesha Julka) runs a toy and is happily married to Raj (played by Mohnish Behl), a businessman. Their young son Rahul (played by Vineet Raina) falls in love with Neha (Sonica Handa) and the young lovers decide to marry. Urmila and Raj give their consent for the marriage until they realize who the parents of Neha are.

Who are Neha’s parents? What prompted this couple to deny their only son’s wish? What is that secret of Neha that the couple is holding onto??? The movie goes on to answer these questions.

Akanksha (played by Bhagyashree) lives with her husband Tarun (played by Aman Verma), son Rahul (played by Master Smith Shah), and mother-in-law (played by Anjana Mumtaz). Akansha works as an Assistant with Urmila. She is more a friend than an assistant to Urmila. Her son, Rahul is diagnosed with brain tumor and an expensive operation is the only cure. Raj and Urmila help Akanksha with the money for the operation.

Later when Akanksha goes to thank Raj and Urmila, she overhears the silent moans of the couple that cannot bear a child because of certain medical disorders with Urmila. Akanksha decides to gift the couple what they desire most; as a payback for saving her child. Akanksha and Tarun disappear from the city with her family after this.

What was that gift she gave to her friend Urmila? Why did they disappear all of a sudden? Why are the young lovers not allowed to marry? What is the secret that is souring the relationships. Watch the movie for an answer to all these questions!

Movie releases on 3rd Nov, 2006.

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