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Bhoot Unkle

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Producer : Krishan Choudhary, Aneesh Arjun Dev
Director : Sumiet Sehgulzs
Cast : Jackie Shroff
Music Director : Baba Saigal
Cinematographer : C Vignesh Rao
Story Writer : Aneesh Arjun Dev
Dialogue Writer : Mukesh Ramani
Editor : Sudhir Achary
Art Director : Ajit Dandekar
Action Director : Hanif Sheikh
Choreographer : Chinni Prakash
Publicity Designer : Paras Kanani
Visual Effects : Amit Shetty


Bhoot Unkle is an adventure cum mystery movie targeted at the kids. The title role has been played by Jackie Shroff.

Bhoot Unkle is the story of a 12 year old boy, Shyam. Shyam’s life has been full of difficulties and sorrows until he mistakenly stumbles into an abandoned place in his village. The place is haunted and Shyam solves a mystery that gives him access to magical powers. These powers catapult his life. The magical powers gained by Shyam help him fight over evil powers of the villain that are waiting to create havoc in his village.

After Makdee, there have been no good films for the children. Bhoot Unkle should definitely make a good holiday watch for the kids!

Movie is slated to release on 6th Oct, 06.


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