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Aishwarya's brush with Rajasthan


aishwarya raiAishwarya Rai has been busy doing the pilgrimage rounds across India. After causing riots in Madurai, Mumbai and Kasi as a result of her presence the former Miss World has now been causing waves in Pushkar and Ajmer.

The ‘Guru’ star worshipped at the Ajmer darga of the Sufi saint Khawaja Moinudeen Chisti without causing much controversy but her visit to the famed Brahma at Pushkar and embroiled the star in controversy.

The priests at the Pushkar temple who had previously picked on Katrina Kaif’s outfit during a previous temple visit have now alleged that Aishwarya’s bodyguard was drunk. A grave offence as meat and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the shrine. Although the actress has denied the allegation, the temple trust seems to be asking for a public apology. It is to be seen whether the divine creator is as angry with Aishwarya as his priest are in the days to come.



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