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'Jodha-Akbhar' proves irresistible to activists   


Ashutosh GowarikerThe epic romance by Ashutosh Gowariker's 'Jodha-Akbar' starring Hrithik and Aishwarya finds itself mired in controversy. The director is as busy shooting the film as he is keeping court dates. But the award winning film maker of hits like 'Lagaan' and 'Swades' is quite cheerful about his first brush with the courts.

In one petition the Rajput community has approached the court to portray Jodhabai correctly, to which the film maker responds that he hasn't distorted historical facts. Meanwhile the People For Animal (PFA) has also filed a police complait that the animals used in the film were mistreated.

In response to the PFA allegations the Rajasthan chief minister dropped in at the sets while Gowariker wrote a letter in response that there were two vets on set, the animals had roomy shelter and were given breaks every four hours and treated ethically.


Gowariker uses 69 elephants, 50 camels and 100 horses for his fight sequences. But he remains cheerful pointing out that, "I'm learning the hard way that when you're making a film about people who existed, there are bound to be voices of dissent


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