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Sholay and Sholay's remake: showcases the changes in 3 decades 


sholayThe Ramesh Sippy ‘Sholay’ will not be repeated in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Sholay’. From song to character relationships to situations there are lots of changes. The songs an situations are being revamped to suit the audience with tastes different from 30 years ago. The song being retained is 'Mehbooba'. And there will be no opportunity for Basanti to dance on glass. More to the point Basanti drives an auto rickshaw instead of a tonga. Meanwhile the widow Radha wears black instead of while as in the original.

Ramu has retained a group of composers ranging from Bappi Lahiri to Ganesh Hegde to Amar Mohile and Vishal Bharadwaj all reworking the situational songs. RGV’s ‘Sholay’ will have a truly original sound track.

The most basic change is the change in the Jai-Veeru relationship. It is transformed from that of best friends to one of mentor-pupil to suit Ajay Devgan and youngster Prashant Raj.


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