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The much-admired John Abraham admires Hema Malini's beauty  


john abrahamBollywood heartthrob John Abraham grew up, as did most Indians of his generation, dreaming about the 'dream girl', Hema Malini. Now as her co-star in 'Baabul' his admiration for her has grown exponentially. The actor can't stop gushing about her beauty, presence and character. John claimed that if he had shot with her for one more day he would have been deeply in love with the 'dream girl'. So marriage shy Bipasha beware!

Although complementary about all his co-stars in the film, John was most impressed with Hemaji. John manages to simultaneously co-ordinate diverse range of movies with commercial and alternative cinema. At the moment he has two different films, Kabul Express and Baabul to showcase his wide range of acting talents.


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