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Mukhbir's climax dilemma 'to be or not to be'    


mani shankarMani Shankar's latest offering is the film 'Mukhbir' but before filming is completed the tussle between director Shankar and producer Sudhish Rambhotla needs to be resolved. The film is scripted as a dark spy flick but after reviewing the performance of films with tragic endings Mukhbir's producer Rambhotla wants to change the ending.

Mani Shankar is adamant for to make this dark saga a happily ever after one would rubbish the cinematic value of the entire script. Meanwhile the producer quotes examples of films like 'Ahista Ahista', 'Kyon Ki...' and 'Yuva' whose dismal ending was mirrored by their dismal performance in the box office.

As the producer and director wrangle the fate of the film's hero played by newcomer Sammir Dattani hangs in the balance. The decision to give the hero a happy ending or kill him off will have a life or death impact on Dattanni's launch in Bollywood. Perhaps the actor must quote Hamlet and decide 'to be or not to be' before Mukhbir's 2007 diwali release.


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